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Fun & Creativity


Art is a way of expressing one's self. The children will have fun with their art work every single day.


We have piano lessons for those who want their children to grow musically.


Due to the lockdowns we haven't been able to get out alot this will give the kids a chance to just  play around and have fun while being protected from being exposed to  covid-19 virus.


There are kids that may have delayed speech, we will try by all means to help them discover there voice while teaching them to be polite and kind.


My little daughter loves mathematics she says it makes her feel smart. Numbers are just as important as speech. we will teach our kids the basics of maths to boost their confidence while having fun with counting and easy maths games. 

Outside Play

Outdoor activity is very important for kids, its a way children make friends learn how to share and while doing so also they get some vitamin D from the sun.

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