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Your Child is in Great Hands

About us 


What makes us stand out?

Our daycare is a place where kids can learn to read, write, and explore their talents. Our aim is not to only teach the kids academically but help them with their social skills, how they interact with friends, sharing, being polite and being kind to one another."Children of today are the future leaders of tomorrow"  (Nelson Mandela). Here at Giggles for joy daycare we strive to shape their future in the best way possible. At Giggles for joy  daycare we do not discriminate or favor kids, we treat everyone equally. We hope this will be the best place for your kids to build their future for a better tomorrow. We use the IXL and many other  curriculums for the kids that are ready to learn how to read and write.

Health & Safety

We know times are hard  for everyone because of the coronavirus pandemic, but we are to make sure your children are in a spotless and safe environment.

We disinfect the room twice before the kids come in and after the kids leave.  There will be hand sanitizers for adults and kids will have to wash their hands regularly. Masks for kids are optional. Be rest assured your kids will be in safe hands the entire time they will be in our care. 

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